Waiters Step Up On Election Night

Well that was sure one page-turning (or mouse-clicking) presidential election, eh?

We’re not going to go into our happiness or sadness surrounding the polls nationally or here in California, but we do want to extend a heartfelt thank you and high five to all of the waitstaff and bartenders that kept San Franciscans fed and hydrated while we watched the polls last night.

We weren’t in the Mission where Sweetie confirms the celebration crowded streets and went well into the night, but can and will give three cheers to the staff at Kezar Bar & Restaurant for keeping it real with the food (best French fries ever) and passing around free bubbly once the final result was announced.

Oh, and a special kudos to our friends and neighbors that managed to collectively stay quiet through both McCain and Obama’s speeches—way to be ya’ll.

Until January, that’s it for Presidential Election 2008.

So what, exactly, are we supposed to do to occupy our time now that we have no election coverage to follow or parody?

Kezar Bar & Restaurant [MenuPages]

[Photo of line at the polls via Alexis Wright]

Waiters Step Up On Election Night