Top Chef Quote-o-Rama: Radhika Vs. Stephanie

Two interviews hitting the blogwaves today — Centerstage lands a sit-down with Chicago’s Season 5 candidate, Radhika Desai, while Best of the Best corrals chef-about-town (and Season 4 winner) Stephanie Izard. We’ve pulled a few quotes from each interview — let’s see if you can tell which Chicago chef is which. No cheating!

1. “I just kept trying to do my best, and I think that is what helped me push myself. By nature, I don’t have overconfidence… I am very driven and always want to be the best at what I do.”

2. “I would love to own my own restaurant, but one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is write a cookbook with dishes from around the world.”

3. “[Rick Bayless told me] that Chicago has something for everybody, different tastes, different cultures, different styles, and as a chef in this city if you just do what you do, and do it well, you will find your niche. I’ve tried to keep that in mind and just stay true to my style.”

4. “The people originally drew me here…everyone is so nice and friendly. I also love the restaurant scene – Chicago is the most exciting place in the country. All eyes are on Chicago right now. I love driving on Lake Shore Drive, and seeing the lake and the city – I really enjoy the beauty of the city.”

5. “I’m a big fan of Rodan, Vintage Wine Bar, and Mac’s. Rodan is a hip lounge with a menu that has some Asian and some Latin flavors blended together very well. Vintage is a small wine bar with a simple well executed menu that goes great with their wine list. Mac’s is a pub with surprisingly good bar food. It’s a great place to go after a long night in the kitchen to have a bite and a beer.”

6. “One of my favorite places is Avec. I also just found a good pizza place: Great Lakes Pizza in Andersonville. They have an amazing crust.”

Answers after this picture of a duck burger at Perilla, the New York restaurant of Season One winner Harold Dieterle!

Izard: 1, 4, 6
Desai: 2, 3, 5

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[Photo via yogma’s Flickr]


Top Chef Quote-o-Rama: Radhika Vs. Stephanie