Today In Obama Food News: Corned Beef And Ballgowns

Just a few hours ago, our president-elect had lunch with Valerie Jarrett at Manny’s: “Asked about a federal bailout for the auto industry, Obama responded: ’I got the corned beef.’”

Meanwhile, Tanya Bricking Leach (best. name. ever) of the AP asked a handful of celeb chefs what they’d serve at the Obama inauguration dinner. They don’t hold back when it comes to food-as-metaphor: Rick Bayless wants to serve “a blend of Kenyan, Indonesian and Mexican coffee,” Eric Ripert “says he’d be inspired to create a menu that brings people together as much as Obama has,” and Rachael Ray wants to go the miniature-comfort food route, which “’makes you smile and puts you at ease,’ and that, she says, is what this country needs.”

Only Daniel Young seems to understand the primary concern when it comes to food at a black tie event: He would “keep the meal easy to eat to avoid spills on ball gowns.”

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[Photo via moth’s Flickr]


Today In Obama Food News: Corned Beef And Ballgowns