There Will Be Pork: SFoB’s Mulefoot Vidcast, Part 1

Mike Gebert over at Sky Full of Bacon has finally finished part one of his documentary on the Reader’s Whole Hog Project, in which they track a mulefoot pig from piglethood to plate.

It’s quite a show. Highlights:
- Paul Kahan once killed 50 ducks in one day.
- Apparently folks call Paul Virant, chef at Vie, “V,” and suddenly a lot of things make sense to us.
- The piglets drink raw goat milk, and are “cuter’n shit.”
- Mike Sula’s voice! Someone get this man a This American Life contract.
- Farmer Linda Derrickson’s illuminating explanation of why you have to kill these endangered breeds to save them (10:35). Bonus: her overalls are spectacular!
- The pig-shaped charcuterie boards at The Publican (14:54) are far more adorable than actual pigs.
- The pantry at Vie (17:30): We are going to hire Paul Virant to stock our fallout shelter for the zombie apocalypse.

Sky Full of Bacon 05: There Will Be Pork (pt. 1) from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

TO BE CONTINUED! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn…

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There Will Be Pork: SFoB’s Mulefoot Vidcast, Part 1