The Monday Report: In The Cold November Rain

Did you stumble outside on Sunday searching for brunch because the only things in your fridge were Powerade and bread, and find yourself tragically under-dressed for the freezing weather? Hope we’re not the only ones. Yes, that time of year is coming when the scarves and mittens are broken out. But at least a couple days off from work for ol’ Turkey Day are around the corner as well.


Back Bay: In just three weeks, Louis Boston will yet again open a restaurant inside their fashionably loud, extremely expensive hallways. Remember the fate of the former Boston Public? If not, it passed away to tragically hip heaven. Now the chef of Pigalle and Marco, Marc Orfaly, has resurrected Restaurant L, the original incarnation of the space. [Chowder]

Downtown Crossing: Do we dare to say that Downtown Crossing is opening a hotbed of restaurants lately? At least we think so. Hot Tomatoes may be a sister location to the North End branch, but we think most Downtown Crossing/Financial District employees will revel in a new location for deli-style sandwiches and fresh salads. At least, that’s what we gathered during our unsuccessful 4 months in the corporate world. [Chowhound]

Roslindale: Himalayan food. Now we know what you’re thinking, but it is not just goat meat. Luckily, West Roxbury’s Himalayan Bistro is expanding to Roslindale, told to a blogger by a very reliable delivery man. Way to go straight to the source. [Substantially Similar Weblog]

Roslindale: Apparently the Rozzy location of Emack and Bolio’s is being laid to rest. The new Select Cafe hasn’t opened yet, but a lovely hand-scrawled note on the door has notified area regulars that the cafe is under new management, and no credit or debit cards will be accepted. Now as much as we just love having to find a random ATM when we’re out of cash to service our caffeine addiction, it doesn’t sound like area residents are too pumped. But we’ll have to wait and see what the Select Cafe holds in store when they actually open their doors. [Substantially Similar Weblog]


Inman Square: As we’re sure everyone has already heard, the B Side has been laid to rest. This is one of those closings that will really piss people off. Though apparently it was for personal reasons of the management and not financial, its still sad to see a memorable establishment go. Click the link to read where all your favorite bartenders will be taking their cocktailing skills. [Chowhound]

[Photo: City Review]

The Monday Report: In The Cold November Rain