The Inquirer, Digested

• The Raw Cafe @ Boyd’s has a well-priced bento box that will not break the bank at all. “For $13, the kitchen serves two pieces of pristine tuna nigiri alongside a spicy tuna roll, tuna tartare, gyoza dumplings, bacon-wrapped shrimp, two rounds of California roll, salad, and a bowl of miso soup.” So, sit up in the mezzanine, gaze at all of the expensive things surrounding it, and feel satisfied with your bargain of a lunch.

Craig LaBan has a long and thoughtful story about wine pairings for Thanksgiving. Most are mid-priced, but there is a $10.99 wine in play. Which is a good segue for the next item…

• …The long reach of the financial crisis is extending all the way to Thanksgiving, and as such, Dianna Marder has a piece up about money-saving strategies for the holiday. Consider a frozen turkey, or (gasp!), turkey breasts if you are a small gathering of people. At the very least, make as much from scratch as possible.

Table Talk is full of newsy bits: Arturo Burigatto bought back Vickers rather than see it turned into a funeral parlor, Bryn Mawr’s Yang Ming now has a chef-in-residence, T. Burke’s has a new executive chef, and Boutros’ Mediterranean Specialties opened in the food court at the Bellevue. We must admit that it’s both cheering and surprising to still see so many openings.


The Inquirer, Digested