The Inquirer, Digested

• City Council is on the brink of voting on a bill that would require big chains to obviously post calorie counts for their meals, instead of in a way that makes consumers ferret out the info. Rick Nichols champions the bill and lays out 10 reasons that you should as well.

• The bad economy means bad things for restaurants, and Michael Klein illuminates how local restaurants are affected by the downturn. Basically, expect smaller portions and reduced prices, or at least no price hikes, as restaurants try to cope with the slackening of business.

Coco Thai Bistro in Narberth fills a gap in ethnic food for the Main Line borough. The “Thai Apple Som Tom” is a delicious sounding take on Thai papaya salad.

• This week’s food section has not one, not two, but three articles that are related to the financial crisis. Among these is a lengthy, not to mention very useful, from Craig LaBan about sussing out bargain meals. The list covers everything from ethnic food to “value prix-fixe menus and notable specials”.

• In perhaps direct opposition to the pieces about bargain meals and struggling restaurants, there’s also an article about the benefits of cooking at home. (Wallet-friendly, and such.)

The Inquirer, Digested