The Endless Pizza

The thing about all-you-can eat food is that restaurants make money on it because unless you’re Homer Simpson, they charge you more than you eat. However, if you’re like us, there is a magical component to pizza that allows you to eat the stuff for hours on end without stopping, thus actually getting your money’s worth. But people know that, right? Who would be short-sighted enough to offer all-you-can eat pizza? Actually, there are three answers to that question:

Goat Hill Pizza’s Potrero Hill location has long been known for their all-you-can eat “neighborhood nights” on Mondays. Turns out, though, their Howard Street location has an all-you-can-eat special every day. Who knew?

• On Tuesdays, the Castro’s Thick and Thin Pizza is doing an all-you-can-eat special, as well as half-off all wines, we just read in SF City Dish.

• And finally, Local recently announced that it would start doing all-you-can-eat wood-fired pizza on Sunday nights for $12.95.

Pizza Fridays are over.

[Photo: Via Local/Official Site]

The Endless Pizza