BREAKING: Pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week: It’s On!

Our speculation last week that there’d be a secret pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week turns out to have been dead on — almost. We just got the dish from an Open Table rep about their “non-secret, pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week.”

Sponsored by OpenTable, the Appetite Stimulus Plan (har har — topical and punning!) is running from November 17th through the 21st, with nearly 1300 restaurants across the country will be offering three-course prix-fixes lunch and dinner for $24.00 and $35.00, respectively.

Here in Chicago, participating restaurants include Ben Pao, A Mano, Bistro 110, Le Lan, Cafe Spiaggia, Joe’s Stone Crab, Madame Tartine, and Perennial — among many, many others.

For the complete list, click here.

Appetite Stimulus Plan: Chicago [OpenTable]

[Photo: smoked salmon at Madame Tartine via darkroomdemons’ Flickr]

A Secret Pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week? Maybe!

BREAKING: Pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week: It’s On!