Thanksgiving Cioppino Photo Spread

Finally today, let’s not forget that Dungeness crab is the traditional Thanksgiving meat here in San Francisco, and cioppino is the traditional crab dish. If you want a real, old-fashioned San Francisco Thanksgiving, you may consider throwing the turkey in the freezer and going for a bowl of this tomato-based crab stew. Here are some photos of local restaurants’ versions:

You can’t get much more classic in this city than the Tadich Grill. And of course, they do a mean cioppino, as alau2 documents on flicikr:

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Here’s Pesce’s version, shot by brixton, on flickr:

Finally, here’s our favorite, from the The Old Clam House, shot by c(h)ristine, on flickr:

How could you want turkey after seeing that? Ah, well, whatever you eat, happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Cioppino Photo Spread