Sun-Times Hearts Bacon, Diesel Sweeties

Let’s call it morbid curiosity that led us to re-read Lisa Donovan’s foray into the world of Extremely Intense Bacon for the Sun-Times from last week. Somehow in our recap, we entirely overlooked the supremely awesome t-shirt being worn by whoever is pictured showing the country-fried bacon from Risque Cafe — it’s the “Bacon is a Vegetable” shirt from webcomic Diesel Sweeties, and — no joke — we have had its corresponding bumper sticker pasted to our bedroom door for the last couple of years. Shout out!

Does bacon get any better than this? [S-T]
Bacon is a Vegetable shirt [Diesel Sweeties]
Risque Cafe [MenuPages]
Risque Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Tom Cruze for the S-T]

Sun-Times Food, Digested: Best. Issue. Ever.


Sun-Times Hearts Bacon, Diesel Sweeties