Sun-Times Food, Digested: There Is Some Holiday Coming Up

For a recap of how we feel about pre-Thanksgiving food journalism, please click here.

• Leah A. Zeldes enumerates the various ways one can cook a turkey. There’s a chart involved, and we sincerely hope it looks better in the paper edition of the S-T, because this is a less-than-aesthetically fulfilling visual experience.

• Lisa Donovan tells the history of the famous Campbell’s green been casserole. No joke: it was invented by a woman named Dorcas. We know that is a biblical name but still. Giggle.

• Sue Ontiveros wishes us to know that the California Walnut Board is sponsoring an initiative to get people to eat healthier this holiday season. Betcha that involves some walnuts, huh?

• Janet Rausa Fuller corrals a gravy-makin’ expert for the secret to smoothness. Turns out it is: straining.

• A guy named Jonathan Miller makes his own protein bars, and has turned that into a business.

• Chef John Caputo of A Mano has his grandmother’s lasagna on the menu.


Sun-Times Food, Digested: There Is Some Holiday Coming Up