Stephanie Izard’s Restaurant: The Drunken Goat

312DD broke it, and TOC confirms it: Last season’s Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard’s restaurant is in the “we’re making formal announcements!” phase. Oh, and they have a name: The “Italian–influenced small plates” restaurant will go by the very memorable name of The Drunken Goat. (No relation, we assume, to LA’s Three Drunken Goats)

TOC elaborates:

Izard came up with the name with the help of fellow Top Chef contestant and friend Antonia Lofaso. The goat is Izard’s Chinese zodiac animal, Izard’s last name is French for a type of Pyrenees mountain goat. The duo were brainstorming on an adjective to add to the name and drunken “just fit,” according to Izard, who says she loves the cheese and, well, also likes to drink. Izard’s friend Quang Hong, the local artist responsible for Scylla’s cool sculpted metal awning, is behind the Drunken Goat logo and will add a few other signature touches here and there.

Izard and her accomplices (Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz, the brains and brawn behind Boka, Landmark, and the recently-opened Perennial) are thisclose to closing a lease on a Wicker Park storefront, and they’re anticipating a summer 2009 opening “at best.”

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[Photo of goats drinking beer via kellygode’s Flickr]

Stephanie Izard’s Restaurant: The Drunken Goat