SF Styrofoam Ban Could Go Statewide

A couple of green city policies that made news last year may go state-wide, if a proposal from the California Ocean Protection Council meets with any success.

Despite some grumbling, San Francisco’s ban on Styrofoam takeout containers went into effect last June with little fanfare or resistance. But now the state’s own environmental group is working to extend the ban, as well as one on plastic grocery bags, statewide. From GreenBiz.com:

The council has also proposed a statewide ban on polystyrene take-out food containers and a fee for single-use plastic and paper grocery bags. San Francisco and six California counties have so far banned the use of polystyrene (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) food containers, and prohibitions on them exist in about another dozen cities.

San Francisco also prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags. The state council would first like to see a fee put in place in order to encourage the use of reusable bags. If that doesn’t lead to less litter, the council feels other actions, including a ban, should be explored.

The Council proposed the ban at a meeting last week. You can see the whole plan, as proposed at the meeting, in a PDF here.

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SF Styrofoam Ban Could Go Statewide