See Men Cooking

We’re feeling kind of reluctant to refer to Mike Sula as “Our Secret Boyfriend” right now. It is mostly because of the fact that he just posted about a very particular cookbook, and we feel a little significantly squirmy.

Best of all are the user reviews for the cookbook. From reviewer “Rosie Palm” (we cannot imagine that is a real name, and also we just this very second got the recurring Terry Pratchett joke):

The Choked Chicken recipe is by far my favorite, hands down.
Some others I’ve tried and enjoyed are the Creamy Homemade Fudge, Weinerschnitzel, and Creamed Spinach. The Cumin Rub is also good to marinate your meat.

We’re tempted to call Chef Philip Foss for comment (he seems pretty comfortable with the food/sex relationship) but we are having a hard time envisioning the conversation opener.

We would also like to note that for the first time in our blogging-for-MenuPages career, we are really really excited not to have any Chicago restaurant listings to post here at which you can try anything mentioned here.

Cum ‘n’ get it! [Food Chain]
Natural Harvest [Official Site]

[props to CM for coming up (hee!) with the title, btw]


See Men Cooking