Scene Report: Asian Culinary Forum

We didn’t see much coverage of last month’s Asian Culinary Forum at the time, but just this week, an article showed up in the Vancouver Sun, of all places, summarizing the main points of Sunday’s all-day symposium. It’s a succinct overview of the different key tastes of Asian food, and worth a read for those unfamiliar with the Asian palate.

After reading the piece, we got to ruminating on the lack of coverage, but a blog search turned up a great rundown on the workshops from Vanessa Barrington.

Now we’re really bummed we missed it. Sounds like a great event. But don’t you fear. MPSF is going to bring you coverage from, count ‘em, two different events this weekend. Stay tuned for more on that.

Asian Culinary Forum [Official Site]
Asia offers six taste elements [Vancouver Sun]
Asian Culinary Forum [Vanessa Barrington]


Scene Report: Asian Culinary Forum