Say Cheese!

There are tons of spots full of cheese-heavy comfort foods in town, and this autumn, we’ve been warming up to the best of them. But what if you like your cooking a bit more DIY? What if you like to dazzle your friends with your culinary skills? Then you’d need to know the best shops, right? And what if the staff was extra friendly to boot?

South End Formaggio is hardly a secret among locals, but we also hear that in-the-knows travel from the ‘burbs for the goodies this tiny shop regularly stocks. SEF almost has too many delights to list, but their exquisite cheese selection is only the tip of the iceberg - or the tip of the wedge, perhaps. Among soft Bries and Gruyeres, you’ll find strangely spicy, more exotic cheeses that the helpful counter staff will explain and help you pair with ease. Keep browsing around and you’ll run into selections of hummus, chocolates, cookies, and unpronounceable mustards. Looking for olive paste or green almonds? Grabbing a bottle of wine to match with this evening’s planned cheese plate? This should be your first stop. Your friends will never know how you got such crazy dinner party skills.

During lunch hour, try hitting the SEF for one of their killer sandwiches. Fresh cheeses and their high quality meats will make your cubicle-mates green with envy…kind of like those almonds.

South End Formaggio [Official Site]

[Photo: cwbuecheler/Flickr]

Say Cheese!