San Francisco Cheftestants: Past And Present

Hang all your hopes on this one: San Francisco’s only cheftestant this season

For those of you who a) really love Top Chef and can never get enough of it, b) don’t watch Top Chef but want to sound like you do when you go to cocktail parties or to work at your food-blogging job, or c) just want a refresher before tonight’s big Season Five premier, New York magazine’s Grub Street blog (our corporate sibling), has an exhaustive rundown of the doings of cast members over the last four seasons.

Gosh, we never realized how San Francisco-centric this show is, but we are not surprised. There are seven past contestants with a local connection. This season, there is just one, Absinthe’s Jamie Lauren. Wish her well.

A couple of highlights from the roundup include news that Tiffani Faison, from way back in the first season, is planning to open a restaurant in San Francisco (more on that later), and that Circa executive chef Erik Hopfinger (Season Four) is designing a line of chef coats called Piratewear. They’re sleeveless. Um, yeah.

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[Image: Via Bravo]


San Francisco Cheftestants: Past And Present