Roundup Roundup: Election Day Parties and Deals

The election is everywhere. There’s basically no other news today. In fact, we imagine that there are only, like, four of you reading today because everyone else has their eyeballs surgically attached to

Relax! It’s not even lunchtime! In the meantime, sate your obsessive curiosity by checking out party guides from the Tribune, Chicago Foodies, Time Out Chicago, Time Out Chicago again, and 312 Dining Diva. Unless, of course, you are one of the million who will be in Grant Park, in which case have we mentioned how attractive you have been looking lately? And how smart and engagingly witty we find you?

For our part, we will be spending this evening at home, as the Sun-Times suggests, with the added detail that we will be huddled under a blanket, afraid to look at the TV for fear of jinxing it.

[Photo: the Obama rally in Denver, which will be dwarfed by tonight’s extravaganza, via CruxPhotography’s Flickr]


Roundup Roundup: Election Day Parties and Deals