Review Revue: 11/21/2008

In the words of French Britney Spears, bon weekend, y’all!

• Elizabites “finally” Hot Doug’s, where everything completely lives up to her expectations.

• Consumatron is forced to contend with some seriously overcooked duck in his noodle soup at Cafe Hoang.

• Alan Lake delivers another of his poetic, thoughtful reviews for Drive Thru. This time it’s the life-changingly delicious Katy’s Dumpling House, in Westmont.

• Chuck Sudo checks out the special three-course meal at Chicago Firehouse, part of OpenTable’s Appetite Stimulus Plan. The selection for the special deal is limited (soup or salad, chicken or pork), but food’s delicious.

• Not technically a review! But! Kaitlin Olson at Drive Thru takes us into the inner workings of Hotdish! Something with which we are obsessed!

Review Revue: 11/21/2008