Review Revue: 11/18/2008

Review Revue, first names only edition!

• Steve and Lisa surprise themselves with how much they like their dinner at mk.

• Arnold learns that the food at Uncommon Ground is as good, if not better, than the restaurant’s rooftop garden.

• Trine defends suburban dining, citing newly-opened Brie in Oak Park as a prime example of downtown quality in an area with solid school districts.

• Hungry Z (not really a first name involved here) gets nourished at Hillside’s Priscilla’s, solid soul food for the weary.

• Consu (can that be his first name?) has some kickass crab rangoon at Cafe Hoang, an incongruously Vietnamese restaurant in the middle of Chinatown.

• Renee gets full at newbie Jolane’s, in Glenview — Austro-Hungarian comfort food like crisp-roasted chicken will do that to a girl.

Review Revue: 11/18/2008