Review Revue: 11/17/2008

• We were wondering how long it would take Cheeseburger Bureau Chief Kevin Pang to file his writeup of the newly opened Five Guys. The sacrilegeous-only-in-Chicago hot dogs (“An all-beef Hebrew National dog, split in half and seared a crispy exterior, is topped with brittle-crunchy bacon and sliced Kraft American singles”) easily outflanks the meh burger.

• Shop girl wants to go to Topolobampo, but the infinite wait for a table drives her into the nearby arms of Mambo Grill instead.

• Arnold at Inuyaki shares our endless love for Korean fried chicken, and proves it at Crisp.

• Red in The City has a solid, if not spectacular meal at Friendship Chinese Restaurant — accompanied by a nice bottle of $11 BYO sparkling red.

• Eating The World gives in to the allure of Taste of Lebanon. The lentil soup lives up to its promise, the shawarma is dry, the hummus is awesome, and the pita is crappy.

• Apparently it’s National Vegan Month? Chicagoist celebrates by having lunch at Amitabul.

• The Chicago Bites ladies (and special guest Emily of CDE!) check out the deal at Mexique, to raves all around.

Review Revue: 11/17/2008