Review Revue: 11/10/2008

• Emily Szopa at the CDE gives in to the allure of The Publican, loves most of it but just can’t quite wrap her palate around the blood sausage.

• Steve and Lisa of Chicago Dining return from their European sojurn and heads to dinner at Catch Thirty Five. Nothing really to write home about — good food, not great, kinda boring.

• The Chicago Restaurant Examiner goes to Schaumburg for redsauce Italian at Rosebud, where it’s good but the pasta is soggy and the busboys are a little overzealous about taking your plate away.

• Back to Steve and Lisa, whose 100th post merits a special evening at one sixtyblue. It lands a rave, which makes them happy because they had a great dinner, and makes us happy because it means the restaurant’s new chef is working out just fine.

• Mike Doyle, normally of Chicago Carless, eats some beef for Gapers Block — Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood park, to be exact. The sandwich, while small, is a near freaking perfect one.

Review Revue: 11/10/2008