Review Revue: 11/04/08

• ElizaBites hands over the reins to guest blogger Melissa Yen, who waxes poetic on Lito’s Empanadas, which are fried to order.

• The Tweatouters clue us in to Thai/Laotian hybrid excellence at Sabai Dee.

• …and also recommend the pasta at La Scarola, which is worth a second visit.

• Gastronomic Bypass thinks that the Costa Rican food at Irazu is so bland that it puts hospital food to shame. (Is this a conspiracy? Nagrant had a similar same salt-free experience at 90 Miles earlier this week.)

• Tamarkin at TOC files the second Real Deal — this one is the $16 prix fixe lunch at C-House, which sounds like an intensely sweet deal.

• Daniel Zemans delivers a story for Serious Eats on I Monelli, whose Roman-style pizza knocks it out of the park.

• The Today Show’s Phil Lampert delights in the hen with polenta at Prosecco, and delivers the recipe.

Review Revue: 11/04/08