Review Revue: 11/03/08

• Dan Shumski (that’d be the Fruit Slinger to you and us, thanks very much) weighs in on his dinner at the appropriately greenmarket-centric Mado: Fantastic.

• Ludicrously Prolific Mike Nagrant is the latest to review Cuban newcomer 90 Miles, where every single thing he tries is both brilliantly executed and woefully underseasoned. Diners, bring thy salt shakers!

• ElizaBites delivers her review on The Bristol. The burning question: where does she fall on the love it/hate it spectrum re: the monkey bread. The answer: leaning towards love.

• Mike Gebert’s mom was in town, and issues one-line reviews on nearly a dozen restaurants, from Lao Sze Chuan (“I’m glad we didn’t order intestines and frogs”) to Hot Doug’s (“That was very interesting, all the different flavors. I liked all the many combinations.”)

• Misty of Centerstage love love loves the El Salvadoran delights to be found at Pupuseria y Restaurante Cuscatleco.

Review Revue: 11/03/08