Restaurant Songs Of San Francisco

Where to start with the Palace Family Steakhouse song, which has been making the blog rounds this morning?

Well, first you have to know about the Palace Family Steakhouse restaurant, which we assume you do. If you don’t, by the way, you really should. They have pretty decent steaks, cooked for real on a real grill, to order, with baked potato and classic iceberg salad, for something like $10. It’s a good time.

Then you have to know that Palace Family Steakhouse is also the name of a band, which is sort of unrelated to the restaurant (except that they are obviously fans). And because they are such fans, they made this song.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that PFSH is definitely not the only band in town to write a song about their favorite dive. On hearing the ode, we immediately flashed on the late, great Hickey, whose 1995 “hit” El Farolito we discovered at about the same time we discovered that restaurant.

Now we need your help, readers. There have got to be more such songs out there. Please, please write in with suggestions. Why are we drawing such a blank here? Any song you can think of from a San Francisco band about a San Francisco restaurant, is welcome. At the moment we’re reduced to mentioning Warren Zevon’s call-out of Trader Vic’s in Werewolves of London (which, by the way, is not even the local TV’s), and also that Primus number, Purple Onion, which we’re not even sure is about the North Beach venue of the same name. Get hip, readers. Help us out!

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[Photo: Via Telstar Logistics/flickr]

Restaurant Songs Of San Francisco