Vindication: Regina Schrambling Also Hates Thanksgiving Journalism

Looks like we are not alone in our frustration with pre-Thanksgiving food journalism.Check it out: food writer (and official Person We Want To Be When We Grow Up) Regina Schrambling lets loose her cannon in Slate:

What makes me totally crazy is the persistent pressure to reinvent a wheel that has been going around quite nicely for more than 200 years. Every fall, writers and editors have to knock themselves out to come up with a gimmick—fast turkey, slow turkey, brined turkey, unbrined turkey—when the meal essentially has to stay the same. It’s like redrawing the Kama Sutra when readers really only care about the missionary position.

Schrambling goes on to note that despite all the blood, sweat, and tears that she’s poured into coming up with annual funky/trendy/healthy twists each November, she still just goes home and makes the same old crap classics. We wonder how many of the pushers of, say, Adobo Turkey with Red-Chile Gravy and its ilk actually go home and foist it on their loved ones, anyway.

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Vindication: Regina Schrambling Also Hates Thanksgiving Journalism