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Reformed Taxidermist Nate Hill Wants to Serve You Frankenfood

Photo: Courtesy of Fish N Chicks Ministry

Nate Hill, the deeply disturbed individual artist who created A Dead Animal Man, is done with taxidermy (“I just got tired of the rotting flesh smell, fumes, and hearing voices,” he explains) and is planning to get back on the streets — not giving Chinatown garbage tours as he once did, but rather peddling “fish ‘n’ chicks.”

The Fish ‘N’ Chicks Ministry will be an art food project for the public. Just like make-believe animals in formaldehyde, I will create a make-believe animal by mixing meats together into one new meat. This will be called Fish ‘N’ Chicks, a mixture of fish and chicken. Don’t worry, it will be sanitary and delicious. In keeping with my inspiration to imitate God, part of this project of creating and cooking my own make-believe animals will be dedicated to feeding my new creature to the needy.

Hill says that sometime in the new year, he’ll put on a fish costume and, along with two women dressed as chickens, he’ll distribute the fish stick/McNugget hybrids to randoms. Are we looking at the street-meat business model of 2009?

Fish ‘N’ Chicks Ministry [Official site]

Reformed Taxidermist Nate Hill Wants to Serve You Frankenfood