Hotel, Motel, Not Quite The Holiday Inn

Sidney Street’s glamor is an inconsistent thing. The block is lined with labs and offices, yet is conspicuously offset by Le Meridien, formerly the Hotel at MIT, and its adjoining restaurant. Skeptics may wonder, how great can a hotel restaurant be? And maybe in other cities, smaller ones mostly, you’d be right to question. But seen all over Boston and particularly in Cambridge, many of our best local hotels know how to pair themselves with the city’s finest chefs. Sidney’s Grille, located off the lobby and accessible also through an outside entrance, is yet another sure bet in Central Square.

Sidney’s hasn’t always been touted as a happening spot, but things have slowly been changing since a new chef took the reins earlier this summer. Business lunches have suddenly become so much less boring. The food has so quickly become inventive and even cool. The menu itself has had a bit of a face lift, and the result is nothing to sneer at. By far, Sidney’s is best at the bar, where friendly ‘tenders keep the drinks coming, right along with a few laughs. An easy place to relax, we recommend bringing an old friend to catch up in the chill atmosphere while you sample some snacks from your comfy bar stools. The dinner menu can be pricey, but once you get cozy, don’t be surprised if you end up closing the place down. The staff will surely make you feel right at home.

It’s still a hotel restaurant. But you could do a lot worse.

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[Photo: rick/Flickr]


Hotel, Motel, Not Quite The Holiday Inn