SF Restaurants Face Fire, Failure

You know, a couple of restaurants have caught fire over the last year or so, with varying degrees of damage, but none of their cooks had blogs, so even though last weekend’s fire at Nopa seems to have been relatively small and not severe, it’s a way better story because of the inside look we get from Ritchie over at Line Cook. He’s got a flair for the ironic:

When I peered into the wood oven I had to laugh–there was the wood Paul had set up, ready to light, perfectly dry. A snapshot of what was happening right before we ran out. Danny would tell me later that in his haste, he carried his calamari outside with him.

Fortunately, everybody got out safely, the damage was minimal, and the staff got to have a party the next day to eat up all the food that would have gone to waste with the restaurant closed. Check out Line cook for photos of that.

The restaurant’s website says they’ll be closed through Thursday. No word if that’s because of the fire or the holiday, but we’re guessing the fire, since the closure notice is written in red.

Good luck getting back on track, Nopa. Frankly, we’re glad you’re not asking for a bailout from the city, like some other places nearby that didn’t even catch fire.

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[Photo: Via caffeina/flickr]


SF Restaurants Face Fire, Failure