When Food Writers Vacation In SF

In case you are not a voracious reader of other cities’ food blogs, we thought you should know that Chicago food writer and general editorial whiz Liz Grossman is in town, and has a series of pretty good posts bringing a fresh perspective to some of our local staples on her Elizabites blog.

Grossman has been in the area for about a week, it seems, and has hit some good spots, including UUbuntu, Tartine Bakery, The Slanted Door, and Cafe Gratitude. We especially liked her take on Gratitude, cause you know we’re all thinking it:

The service was so-so and ordering is a little annoying as every menu item is a warm and fuzzy self-affirmation like the “I am renewed” organic wheat grass shot or “I am insightful” veggie springrolls, and you feel pressured to say the damn phrase while placing your order. But it’s worth the embarassment for “I am enlightened” enchilada of the day (ours: jicama and apple) with spicy salsa verde, cashew sour cream and Bhutanese red rice, and a surprisingly flavorful “I am cheerful” sun burger made with pumpkin seeds and walnuts and served on sweet onion sunflower bread.

We’ve long held that getting a new set of eyes on familiar favorites helps renew the enthusiasm, and this coverage exemplifies that. Those photos of the baked goods at Tartine and the reminder that this city is something of a coffee capital has inspired us to hit up some of the tried and true in the near future.

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[Photo: Via Elizabites]


When Food Writers Vacation In SF