Giving Persimmons A Chance

We were really happy to see Bay Area Bites’ in-depth treatment of persimmons today, because those weird fruits have always perplexed us. Mostly it’s the “sweater” mouth feeling, which we learned is caused by the astringent chemical in Hachiya persimmons.

There are some decent-sounding recipes in today’s post, but the most important thing, to us, is Denise Santoro Lincoln’s explanation that not all persimmons leave your mouth feeling like you’ve been sucking on socks. Honestly, this gave us just enough nerve to give persimmons another try.

But screw cooking them ourselves. Where can we get them at a restaurant?

Well, there’s a place called Persimmon, which offers a “persimmon” salad, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s just the name of the dish or actually an ingredient.

Some better choices would include Silks, which offers a substantial-sounding Fuyu persimmon salad with smoked trout and cured pig cheek, and Andalu, which offers a pear and persimmon salad. It would also probably be a safe bet, if you don’t yet want whole chunks of this tricky fruit, to sample the persimmon ginger mojito at Sudachi.

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[Photo: Via Nakimusi/flickr]

Giving Persimmons A Chance