Phillies Hot Dog Launcher Mockumentary: Dreams Come True

We saw this video about the creation of the hot dog launcher on Serious Eats earlier today, although it has cropped on on a bunch of other blogs since then. It’s a pretty charming mockumentary and is somehow poignantly aspirational. Take for example this bit at the end:

What does the wheel mean mean to mankind? Y’know? What does landing on the moon mean to mankind? And really, I think that’s, that’s what the launcher means to mankind. Y’know, we think it’s one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. I think dreams are very important, and without dreams, things like this would never become a reality.

Another key aspect of the video? The Phanatic is seriously temperamental! (Although perhaps that’s not news.) Anyway, more than anything, this funny little movie makes us want a hot dog. We’re thinking… the hot dog and fish cake special from Bubby’s Brisket might do the trick.

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Phillies Hot Dog Launcher Mockumentary: Dreams Come True