Battle Royale: ‘Paper’ Awards Bring Feuding Party People Face to Face

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There’s been plenty of blogging today about the Paper Nightlife Awards, but the most entertaining account, predictably, comes from Steve Lewis, whose description of navigating the crowd shows just how political and hotheaded these “celebrations” can get. (Yeah. Why you think we sat them out in order to catch Strega at the Annex last night?)

First, Down by the Hipster vs. Steve Lewis:

Rachelle then took me up to meet Down by the Hipster blogger Scott Solis. I like [Scott] and I love his blog; although we’ve traded potshots, I think it’s all been pretty civil.

Then (heating up a little), DBTH vs. Matt Levine:

As we were chatting, DBTH target extraordinaire Matt Levine came up to me to say hey. I introduced him to Scott, and the exchange was uncomfortable. Matt kept on insisting he is “a nice guy” and undeserving of the treatment he gets at Scott’s hands. Scott insisted the treatment was fair. In a short while, a semi-truce was negotiated.

Then (when it really gets good), Steve Lewis vs. Frank Owen (Owen authored the book Clubland, about Uncle Steve’s time at the Limelight, which Lewis insists contains misinformation):

He promised to correct the mistake. He never has. Last night, he denied it was ever written. I said, “Read your own fucking book” and got really close to popping the fool in his nose. But I am a kinder, gentler Uncle Steve and left the ass to go hang with the fabulous. He pleaded with me that he was my friend, and I told him he was no friend of mine. I should have popped him. Oh well, maybe next time. Frank can’t be too far from the Heinekens, so I’m sure I’ll see him again.

And (just for good measure) Steve Sands vs. Matt Levine:

Paparazzo Steve Sands told me of a dispute he was having over at the Eldridge and how he might need me to mediate; then he said he probably had it covered, as Matt Levine really is a nice guy.

Of course, let’s not forget the feud between Down by the Hipster and Guest of a Guest. The two bloggers were friendly at the ceremony and GoaG congratulated DBTH on winning the People’s Choice Award for Best Nightlife Blog, but do we sense a little bit of razzing in DBTH’s post about the matter?

Oh, and if you care: According to Paper, Indochine took the award for Best Restaurant With a Nightlife Scene, Apothéke took Best New Bar/Lounge, and Santos’ Party House rightly won Best Club.

Good Night Mr. Lewis: Looking Good on ‘Paper’ & Popping Frank Owen [BlackBook]

Battle Royale: ‘Paper’ Awards Bring Feuding Party People Face to