Out Past Our Bedtimes

Late night food, how we love thee. Let us count the ways. This time we present our Chinatown picks, for greasy takeout is never acceptable, even in these times of recession.

Pearl Villa isn’t necessarily a go-to during daytime hours, but it’s one of the better late night spots in C-town. But like some of the best Chinatown eateries, you’re going to have to look around for PV. Climb several flights of stairs in a building next to one of those giant, all-day-fare parking lots on Tyler Street, and suddenly, you have arrived. It’s rather easy to grab a table after 1am, and it sure beats IHOP. They use all white meat chicken, the food isn’t terribly greasy, and even if the staff’s English is broken at best, they’ll treat you like royalty.

Especially great for dim sum, Chau Chow City is the place to watch, front row, as the bars empty and the drunken masses flock here. During more regular hours, you’ll stop in to see Asian folks enjoying their tea and an afternoon chat, but come midnight, expect Chau Chow to start getting a little rowdy. The good thing here are the prices and the exceptionally filling food. If it doesn’t make you too sleepy, this place will feed you just enough for the ride home.

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Chau Chow City [MenuPages]

[Photo: Renata Diem/Flickr]

Out Past Our Bedtimes