No Room at El Bulli

Please, those trees don't even look real.
Please, those trees don’t even look real. Photo: Francesc Guillamet/Courtesy of El Bulli

El Bulli began accepting e-mail reservations on October 15, and the rejection letters are already out. If some insane person cancels, the restaurant reaches out for fill-ins who can afford to purchase a last-minute flight to the coast of Spain. Read the full denial below.

We regret not to have been able to fulfill your request. We are living a big problem since there are not enough options for all the people who try to visit us for the first time as well as the customers who wish to return. We try to look for the most possible of solutions and taking the problem with a lot of care and respect, but our capacity for one season is very limited and we are surpassed by the demand that we received even at the first moment.

Now all the reservations are fixed until the end of the season and we do not have any more options but we must confirm many reservation dates and we will take care full time to see if there are changes that permit us to find a solution during this management. Anyway if I do not contact you before you can contact me again in May to check the situation together when the beginning of the season approaches.

We thank you sincerely for all your interest.

Sincerely yours,

Luis Garcia

Que lástima.

No Room at El Bulli