National: Swiss Cops On The Trail… Of Sausage

Did you stay up late over last night’s election? Cheering on your guy or practicing your stalwart-but-gracious attitude of concession? We sure did.

So please forgive us if, this morning, we’re a bit electioned out. Too much nerves, too much shouting, too much politics. This calls for a very simple story involving a distant country, hilarious ingredients, and nothing whatever having to do with our recent change in leadership:

Via Serious Eats, we’ve been chuckling about a small AP item that came quietly out of Switzerland during the United States’ election turmoil yesterday: Police in a rural area near Kuettigen, alerted by emergency calls, followed a trail of blood along a rural road:

A police statement Tuesday said officers followed the blood for 12 miles to the town of Kuettigen only to find that a butcher’s supply van had spilled its cargo.

A barrel of pork blood had overturned inside. The van had been headed for a local sausage factory.

Ah, yes, the world may be changing dynamically all around us, but there’s always room for slapstick. And sausage.

Naturally, this has us thinking about black pudding, that European sausage made from cooking down the meat filling with blood. For some reason, it’s just not that popular stateside, but you can often get it at British or Irish pubs, and it’s great hangover fare, which you may need today if you took last night’s election parties a little too far. We’re particularly fond of Phoenix Bar & Irish Gathering Place. It breaks up the Mission’s monotony of Mexican food.

Swiss Police Look For Blood Trail, Find Pork
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[Photo: Via For The Thrill Of It]

National: Swiss Cops On The Trail… Of Sausage