National: Say What?

We were only sort of half-interested in reading about Margaret Fulton’s remarks at the release of Greenpeace’s True Food Guide Canola Edition 2009 until right at the end of this article, when she compared genetically engineered food to Adolf Hitler. Seriously:

At the guide’s launch, Ms Fulton hit out at the big chemical companies for pushing the “benefits” of growing GE canola to farmers for their commercial gain.

“They’re going to control the world,” she said.

“We thought Hitler was a bad fella … these guys could show him a thing or two - and they’re creeping up on us quietly without guns or anything like that, but the poison is there.”

Um…. Wow. Really? Not to get to overly political on this, but we disagree that genetically modified food producers are like the evil German dictator of yore. Perhaps they do less-than-savory things with crop labeling, but it’s a little bit more than hyperbole to compare them to the instigator of genocide and world war.

Greenpeace released the publication to coincide with Australia’s first genetically modified crop, canola, which critics say could be toxic. The guide identifies products that are free of genetically modified ingredients, which aren’t legally required to be labeled as such.

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National: Say What?