Monday Blog Binge

Let’s just check in with a few local food blogs this afternoon. There’s good stuff out there.

Mission Street Food is up and running in their new indoor spot. Let’s go this week, ok? That menu looks awesome.

Line Cook has some illuminating and terrifying insight into just how frantic a kitchen can get, especially when somebody goes into the weeds.

Michael Bauer pays tribute to John’s Grill, which celebrated its 100th anniversary last Friday.

Yum Diary slaps around the infamous 2-lb meatball over at Zare At Fly Trap. “It’s the size of a freaking grapefruit. ” Ha!

• And Sam Breach, of Becks and Posh, finishes her Eat Local Challenge — eating only local foods for a whole month. Good job, Sam!

[Photo: Via “tanakawho/flickr]

Monday Blog Binge