Moment Of Sincerity: Happy Thanksgiving

While we are perhaps excessively materialistic every other time of year, Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of the spiritual pantry, such as it is.

It’s all fine and good to say we’re thankful for the Alinea cookbook (we love it!) or for our rediscovery of our old winter coat (it was stuffed under our bed!) or for Whole Foods finally — finally! — putting More than Gourmet demi glace on sale (it is our favorite kitchen product ever). We’re thankful for the fact that The Publican finally opened. We’re thankful for the coming change in our presidential administration. We’re thankful for the fact that our corporate overlords haven’t forced us to upgrade our blogging software to something we don’t understand how to use. We’re thankful for the first person plural.

But on a more honest level — cheesiness alert! — we’re mostly, overwhelmingly, grateful for you. Yes, you specifically. You right there. On Thanksgiving we’re really supposed to give thanks for the intangible things, and you should count it as a darn good thing that we consider you to be intangible, because otherwise we’d be reaching through our computer monitor and giving you a big old hug.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MenuPages. Have a wonderful celebration, however you do it, and tell your mom we say hi. We’ll be back next Tuesday, cranky hat blazing!

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Moment Of Sincerity: Happy Thanksgiving