McCartney Or Tennesse Williams?

Whenever we walk past - or into - Stella, we have to suppress the urge to yell like Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. We also start thinking about beautiful designer shoes made by Sir Paul’s daughter. Sigh. So many Stellas, so little time.

This South End Italian restaurant gives some North End spots a run for their money with its consistency and style, in addition to two bars and a fabulously decadent menu. Cozy and comfortable, you’ll likely need a reservation on the weekends. Among our picks are the obvious but fantastic gnocchi and the lamb, if you don’t fill up on pizza and pasta first. It isn’t an ideal spot for veg heads, but the salads are yummy, and the cocktails might fill you up if the friendly bartender keeps sending them over. The wine list is fairly extensive, and we hear brunch is a must. You probably don’t need one more place to add to your brunch list, but we’re not here to make your foodie existence any less eclectic.

And for busy folks on the go, Stella Express next door is open at 6am with a great variety of coffee and pastries to wake you up for your commute. Their lunch takeout options, with prepackaged restaurant favorites, are pretty stellar too. Get it? Stella-r. Ha.

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[Photo: Boston Chomps]

McCartney Or Tennesse Williams?