Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How did your garden end up growing, Mary? Not so well? Yeah, we heard about that stint in rehab, and a short rendezvous in the orange jumpsuit that read “Property of the Commonwealth” on it. But chances are if you were lucky enough to attend the Cambridge Public School system, your garden wouldn’t have rotted so fast. That’s because Citysprouts is a great charity that teaches Cambridge public school students how to grow and sustain gardens. So when we got the chance to attend Flavors of Fall to benefit Citysprouts, we jumped on board ASAP, and boy, was it smooth sailing!

As we cruised from one table to another, we got to sample some of the best cuisine this side of the river. We give major credit to Hungry Mother for daring to break the rules with a Virginia peanut soup. It was untraditional yet delicious. Also staying in the soup genre were Garden at The Cellar, with roasted heirloom squash soup with smoked vegetables and spiced yogurt, and Harvest, which featured butternut squash soup with cardamom and lavender.

After all that soup, we were really on the hunt for some solids, and we found our favorite bite at Gargolyes On The Square, which served Hawaiian style tuna poke with wonton crackers. Top cap off a night of simply divine delicacies, Sandrine’s Bistro made cinnamon scented creme brûlee in front of our eyes. It was the perfect finish to a delightful event. So we’re sorry your garden didn’t grow so well, Mary. Because Cambridge’s seems to be flourishing. Well, isn’t that quite the contrary.

Flavors of Fall [BostonChefs]
Citysprouts [Official Site]

[Photo: Megan Johnson]


Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary