I Take You To The Candy Shop

Thanks for the invite, Fiddy! (That’s 50 cent, for those who don’t know). Fiddy loves to sing about bringing us to the candy shop, but when it comes to getting a satisfying dessert in this town, you won’t find us pleased with just a Tootsie Pop from Store 24 any day. Besides, we never collected enough wrappers with the Indian on them to get a free pop. So where’s a girl to go when she needs to treat that sweet tooth that’s aching like crazy? Well, you’re in luck because with the beautiful autumn season comes an onslaught of new, fall-inspired desserts that are as decadent as can be. A recent addition to the JP Licks list as of November, pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is a heavenly taste of autumn that still maintains the JP Licks infamous quality.

Already craving that Thanksgiving meal as you sit in your cubicle today? Well if you don’t have time to cook, at least take the time to pick up the phone and call Blue Frog Bakery in Jamaica Plain. Word on the web is that their famous pumpkin pies are one of the best in the Boston area. And for around $12, you really cannot beat the price. Just save a slice for us.

Next, if you’re focused on getting those sleighbells jinglin’ a little bit early head over to the newly transformed Craigie On Main for Gingerbread Pain Perdu, paired with young ginger ice cream. Formerly the Craigie Street Bistrot, the restaurant recently recreated itself in a larger location. However, chef Tony Maws is still master of the house, so don’t worry about any unfamiliar faces in the kitchen. Same ownership, same quality cuisine.

So for all you dessert devotees also dissatisfied with a simple convenience store excuse for dessert, remember the greater Boston area has all the treats you could ever hope for, even with a special holiday twist.

JP Licks [Official Site]
Blue Frog Bakery [Official Site]
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[Photo: Resentiment Files]

I Take You To The Candy Shop