FYI: Think You’ve Got It Bad?

• Despite a rash of pro-Spam coverage in major papers, Hormel’s profits are down thanks to the skyrocketing price of … turkey feed. [AP/CNN]

• Salt is the new bad guy. Lower-sodium foods (and advertising supporting them) are set to flourish in ‘09. [USAToday]

• A 3-Michelin-star Tokyo restaurant , Kagurazaka Ishikawa, apologized for selling bacteria-contaminated black beans. [Reuters]

• The rampant speculation about who will be the Obamas’ White House Chef is “fantasy football for foodies,” and also totally off-base, says Walter Scheib. [AP]

• Obligatory compare-your-ten-person-guest-list-to-the-army’s-hordes pre-Thanksgiving article! [AP]


FYI: Think You’ve Got It Bad?