FYI: PETA Strikes Again

• PETA released a video taken undercover at a West Virginia poultry plant that shows workers kicking, stomping, snapping necks and doing all sorts of other awful things to turkeys. [NYT]

• The UN moves into rebel-held territory in eastern Congo to distribute food to people who used to grow most of the country’s food, until rebels confiscated their fields. [AP]

• If you happen to have any Lean Cuisine frozen dinners — specifically the pesto chicken with bow tie pasta, the chicken Mediterranean and the chicken Tuscan — you might want to get rid of them; consumers have found pieces of blue plastic inside. [Los Angeles Times]

• Wal-Mart is donating more than 90 million pounds of fresh food over the next year to Feeding America, the country’s largest hunger-focused nonprofit organization. [NYT]

• Grocery stores. That’s where the money is during a recession, apparently. And it’s not surprising, really — people still need to eat, and they’re cutting back on restaurant meals. [San Francisco Chronicle]


FYI: PETA Strikes Again