FYI: Get Out And Vote!

• China’s food-safety concerns aren’t likely to go away any time soon, thanks to massive supply chains and spotty enforcement. [Time]

• A California couple blog about what it’s like to live on $1/day and make the New York Times. (Meanwhile, countless billions worldwide do the same and yet somehow don’t quite fly at radar level.) [NYTimes]

• OMFG: A Haitian migrant resorted to cannibalism while adrift for two weeks en route to Puerto Rico — he and three others are the only ones of the 33 in the boat who survived. [AP/Tribune]

• Just like in politics, food brands are unafraid to run smear campaigns against their rivals. [NYTimes

• Hunters in South Dakota can donate their excess venison and antelope meat to local food pantries! Neato! [KXMC News]

Bonus 6!
• In a groundbreaking synergistic move, the MenuPages blog network has formed secret alliances with Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Ben and Jerry’s — go in today with proof of voting and they’ll give you free food. You’re also welcome to let them know how much you love MP, but it’s not required. [AP/Tribune]


FYI: Get Out And Vote!