FYI: Everyone’s A Critic

• China’s reputation as food contamination central has earned the country some of their very own USDA offices! Three, to be exact — and they just so happen to be the first to ever open outside of the United States. [AP]

• In what might be the weekend’s most adorable food-related story, a 12-year old from Manhattan’s Upper West Side is an aspiring food critic. Not only does he write up restaurant reviews in his journal, he also goes out to eat on his own at sophisticated restaurants. All together now: aw. [NYT]

• The business lunch suffers in these gloomy financial times. The problems are twofold, when you think about it: less business to lunch over, less money to spend on lunch. [Chicago Tribune]

• On the other hand, the economic downturn is a boon time for Spam? Hormel, the company that makes Spam, is ramping up production because Americans have traditionally turned to Spam during penny-pinching times. Important note: increased production is not the same as increased sales. [NYT]

• Good news for scallop lovers: the Eastern Seaboard is currently chock-full of young scallops, after six years of dwindling crops. Patience required though, as the little scallop babies won’t be fished for another couple years. [Boston Globe]


FYI: Everyone’s A Critic