Fill Up On Democracy

Not to get too personal here, but we already voted this morning, and have become verklempt over all the democracy! at least five times already. Compared to past voting experiences, where we not only felt uninspired, but were also among very few voters at the polls, today is a very exciting day indeed.

Anyway. Several restaurants and food chains also think that today is a great day for democracy and would really, really like for people to get out and vote. They are putting their money where their mouths are — or, more accurately, their food where your mouth is. So where can you reap the rewards for being a good citizen today ?

Locally, there are scads upon scads of Election Day deals and events, but of course, none are so enticing as those that are free! Foobooz has a round-up of over ten things to do tonight, and the complimentary ones are as follows: free drink or appetizer at Mission Grill, beer from Yards at Plough & the Stars, and drink or appetizer at Public House.

As far as national chains go, Ben & Jerry’s will be giving away free scoops of ice cream today, from 5pm-8pm. Krispy Kreme is trying to encourage voting: they are giving away the most patriotic donuts we’ve ever seen, although this deal is only at “participating locations”. Finally, Starbucks is giving away 12-ounce cups of drip coffee all day long. Theoretically, you are supposed to show some sort of proof of having voted, but saying the word is enough. They also made this video:

Please excuse our college freshman-style earnestness, but no matter the lines, no matter the candidate, and no matter any other reasons, we implore you to go out and vote today!

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Fill Up On Democracy