Every Day I Write The Book

What would we have if there were no newspapers to go with our coffee on Sunday mornings? Or favorite books to read while eating tomato soup on a snowy winter day? There has long been a connection between eating, drinking, and reading. Imagine all the famous authors who sat at typewriters fueled by caffeine (and alcohol in a lot of cases), composing the world’s most brilliant prose. That’s why we’re fans of Trident Cafe, the Newbury Street staple that is half-bookstore, half-cafe, and 100% perfect for combining both activities. Besides the importance of supporting independent bookstores which disappear constantly these days, the Trident staff really cares about the lit they stock on their shelves. Upon your entrance there’s a section of staff picks if you’re having trouble finding something new to dive into. The bargain books section is also an incredible find, with some classics put together with some recent bestsellers at prices that would blow Barnes & Noble away.

Over on the cafe side, Trident’s espresso concoctions are by far more indulgent than Starbucks. However if you’re not one for the caffeine buzz, a long list of teas and smoothies are available. Sandwiches are everything from the avocado and Havarti melt to prosciutto and brie, and of course soups and salad are ever-present on the menu. The environment is kid-friendly too, so the stroller toting crowd won’t be pushed out by hipsters.

Even though you may not write the book, at least try to read them once in awhile.

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Every Day I Write The Book