Failure to Launch

Eater Chicago Bites the Bullet

Photo: Courtesy of Time Out Chicago

Time Out Chicago’s blog reports that Eater, the restaurant blog with outposts in New York, San Francisco, and L.A., won’t be launching in the Windy City anytime soon, despite the fact that its editor, Ari Bendersky, has been practice-blogging for over a month. “If we were a restaurant,” says Bendersky, “I guess we could’ve been put on Deathwatch.” At least one Chicago blogger, Sky Full of Bacon, says good riddance.

What it comes down to for me is that Eater seemed to have carved out exactly the perspective on our food scene that is least interesting to me, most hype-ridden and PR firm-driven. I can pick that info up peripherally while reading a blog like Menu Pages’, which is still focused more on what real people out there think and write about food than on what permits have been applied for.

While we appreciate the shout-out to MenuPages (which is owned by our parent company, New York Media), we also think Sky Full of Bacon is ignoring the power of more “hype-ridden” blogs to drive readers to food-focused endeavors such as his own. Come on, man — all boats rise with the tide, or all bacon bits rise with the fondue or whatever. SFB points to the hype over Fergus Henderson’s appearance as an example of Eater’s superficiality — but if it gets someone to try crispy pig’s ear for the first time, or to pick up Henderson’s book in order to learn more about nose-to-tail eating than can be shared on a restaurant blog, well then what’s the harm?

All that said, we’re sure restaurateurs are amused to hear that a blog so obsessed with their delays and snafus has hit a big snag of its own.

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Eater Chicago Bites the Bullet